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My name is Antonio Toriz and I am a Full-Stack developer seeking new opportunities. I have experience in Python, C#/.NET, NodeJS/ReactJS and I have deployed in AWS EC2 server. I am passionate about improving my skills and learning new technologies, solving difficult problems where the solution requires creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

I have collaborated on a C# based E-commerce website built from scratch working on both Front-End and Back-End. I also built a Python-based website where users who create profiles can submit and review California adventures, sights, hikes, experiences, etc. We became proficient in sharing, communicating and working through Slack and GitHub.

I am a hard-working, ambitious individual and will be an asset for your company. I appreciate your time and attention, and I look forward to the tremendous learning opportunities I can attain when joining your team.

HTML / CSS / Bootstrap
Python (Django / Flask)
C# / ASP.NET Core
API / Database proficency
JavaScript (MERN / MEAN)
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Full-Stack Development

Front-End Development

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