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About me

My name is Antonio Toriz and I am a Full-Stack developer seeking new opportunities. I have experience in Python, C#/.NET, NodeJS/ReactJS and I have deployed in AWS EC2 server. I am passionate about improving my skills and learning new technologies, solving difficult problems where the solution requires creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

I have collaborated on a C# based E-commerce website built from scratch working on both Front-End and Back-End. I also built a Python-based website where users who create profiles can submit and review California adventures, sights, hikes, experiences, etc. We became proficient in sharing, communicating and working through Slack and GitHub.

I am a hard-working, ambitious individual and will be an asset for your company. I appreciate your time and attention, and I look forward to the tremendous learning opportunities I can attain when joining your team.

HTML / CSS / Bootstrap
Python (Django / Flask)
C# / ASP.NET Core
API / Database proficency
JavaScript (MERN / MEAN)
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Full-Stack Development

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My work

These are some projects I have built.


California Adventures

Project created using Python3 with Django, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Google Maps API.

Adventures of California was created with the intention of being able to explore the places near you and creating new adventures. Users who create a profile are able to create, rate and add reviews to places or things to do within a category of Desert, Mountain, or Oceans.

In this project there are two types of users, the admins, and a basic user. The admin users are able to make other users into admins and give them the power to delete offensive posts or comments, and to undo admin features of other users. It also uses Google Maps to be able to locate and get to a specific destination.

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E-Commerce Portfolio

Project created using C#, ASP.NET Core,jQuery, bootstrap, PayPal API and MySQL.

This was a C#/ASP.NET E-Commerce project where users were able to purchase photo prints in two types of canvas. Users had a cart that was saved even after logging out and signing back in and were able to use PayPal as the payment method.

While working on this project I tried to focus more on the front end aspect by creating different visible effects. on hover most of the images would have a small shadow or transform into a slightly larger picture.

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Random Quote Generator

Project created using React and Twitter API.

This was just a fun little project I decided to build to learn React. I learned how to use components and how to call the twitter API to post the quote as a tweet.

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Weather App

Project created using React and OpenWeatherMap API.

This is another React app that uses the Open Weather API to locate any city in the world and display the current weather, humidity, todays hi and lo and what the condition is currently like.

I also decided to give the option from Fahrenheit or Celsius. and what the temperature actually feels like.

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